whenever we have the opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint, we listen to the tiny voice that says “do the right thing.”

We can’t change the world overnight but we can make meaningful, incremental improvements to an industry that needs the help.

leather is forever

We make leather garments that last, so you can love your Veda pieces forever.

We produce in small batches to ensure higher quality and less waste.

responsible sourcing

We are committed to making the right choice with the materials we source.

Leather is a natural product and we strive for our entire supply chain to reflect this.

We are eliminating new plastic and petroleum-based products from our packaging at all stages.

Chrome Free

Vegetable Tanned

Leather Byproduct

Reycled Material

Better Packaging

thoughtful production

Producing garments in our own NYC studio means controlling the process from start to finish.

When we produce out house we are committed to finding and vetting reputable partners who share our vision.

Made in NYC

Vetted Partners