veda x mzd patchwork leather pillow pastel terrazzo



Lyndsey Butler and interior designer, Michelle Zacks, have been friends forever. 

Michelle helped Lyndsey design the Veda flagship store in SoHo. And last year, they worked on a kitchen remodel, in Lyndsey’s apartment. The project turned out really cool, especially the multi-colored, multi-patterned stone backsplash. Architectural Digest agreed.

Lyndsey and Michelle were inspired to try it elsewhere, starting with the opposite of stone tiles: Pillows.

The process goes like this: Michelle picks out the colors, from an assortment of leftover leather at the Veda studio, and Lyndsey lays out the pattern, which is then hand sewn in Veda’s NYC office.

The result is a cushion that’s fun, versatile, comfortable, and made from high quality deadstock materials… which is how we want all our future possessions to be.

Lyndsey and Michelle hope you have as much fun decorating and lounging with them as they had making them.

20" x 20" pillow insert included